Five favourite flowers for July.

Chloris at the blooming garden    has been posting her 10 favourite flowers for July while encouraging others to join in. I along with several others, am posting my five favourite flowers for July.

Star of the month is this, name unknown, Phlox which also features in the picture above, it came from my Great Aunt’s garden, and has been flowering for weeks.

Next also in the picture above is this Dahlia, again name unknown, given to me by a client several years ago who didn’t like the colour.
Veronicastrum Fascination stands tall at the back of the border and as you can see is also loved by the bees.

Digitalis lutea is a perennial foxglove, easily grown from seed.

I often leave envious comments on blogs showing wonderful stands of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, I have been trying to get it to flower here for some time. Is this the start of something big?

These are my five for July, please visit some of the other blogs which are posting their  favourite flowers to see what they have chosen. Which ones are yours?

19 thoughts on “Five favourite flowers for July.

  1. A lovely flower bed with the phlox and dahlia – personally I think that colour is gorgeous! I have also had difficulty growing Crocosmia but last year was the breakthrough and it has a few buds again this year too. 🙂


  2. All beauties Brian except for ‘Lucifer’ which has lived up to its name for me 🙂 That dahlia is such a soft gentle looking soul – what’s not to like?

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  3. Thank you for joining in with your Top Five July plants Brian. I specially like the Phlox and I wish I could grow it. What a lovely splash of colour. Mine always end up looking very sad and mildewed. The dahlia is gorgeous too.


  4. What an attractive summer border and how lovely to have a clump of your aunts beautiful phlox. I find that Lucifer took a few years to gain stature but it was so worth the wait. Belatedly, I read somewhere that it’s best to buy pot grown plants or to plant the corms in autumn. If using spring packets of dried corms, soaking them well before planting might help.


  5. Ah, nice choices! Digitalis lutea is lovely. A friend gave me some ‘Lucifer’ this year, because I am alway moaning about how my unnamed variety always flops over. Apparently Lucifer doesn’t … so far it is true.


  6. Such a lovely idea as July can be in between on the flower front. I have been pulling out my Crocosmia “Lucifer” without success and now this year I have found that Bombus hortorum loves it so it is getting a reprieve. The Veronicastrum Fascination looks very interesting I have never seen it. We picked up little plants of phlox from a garden thinking that they were something else, they have now flowered but unfortunately their pink is a bit violent. Amelia


  7. A lovely five, Brian! I do miss phlox from my earlier garden – pretty sure I couldn’t possibly keep enough water on it here! My favorite was the white “David”, always mildew-free, bless him! I think your shot of Digitalis lutea is the first close-up I’ve seen – it looks a much more dainty plant than purpurea?


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