Version 2Hello, welcome to my photography pages.

I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer, keen to improve my knowledge and ability as a photographer, the website is a record of my photographs covering the garden, wildlife, events and a developing travel log.

My first digital camera was a Canon Power Shot A85, which lasted for many years taking some excellent photographs. When it eventually went wrong I had been so pleased with it, I took the plunge and purchased a Canon EOS 1100D with the standard 18-55 mm lens. I have since added the 18-200mm lens. This is the lens I now use the majority of the time. I have just purchased (August 2015 ) a Canon wide-angle lens, 10-18mm. This is a reasonably priced lens, ideal for amateurs like me. I take a lot of garden photos with this and I hope it will be useful for photographing long borders and views. September has seen the arrival of a Canon close up lens 500D 72mm which threads onto the front of the 18-200mm lens.

Oh, and occasionally my iPhone, sorry serious photographers!

I hope you enjoy my photographs along with following events and the travel log, they are filed under Categories.

Brian Skeys.


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