Wordless Wednesday 19/7/2017. The lighter side.

Dahlia ‘Blanc y Verde’.
Acer negundo Flamingo
Rose ‘William and Catherine’.
Shasta daisy. Chrysanthemum x superbum.
Lychnis Coronaria alba.
Viola cornuta alba.
Astrantia major.
Lysimachia clethroides (Swan neck).
Dianthus barbatus alba (Sweet William).
Dahlia ‘Twynings After Eight’.
Daucus carota
Pelargonium Scented leaved ‘Fringed Apple’.
Pelargonium Regal ‘Richie’
Myrtus Communis and a Bumble Bee.

24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 19/7/2017. The lighter side.

  1. White flowers are so beautiful and that is a superb collection. I have planted several Myrtles in recent years ( Communis and Luma) but mine have not flowered yet and are growing very slowly. Are they slow to start? Amelia


    1. Thank you Amelia. The Myrtle is against a south facing wall and seems very happy, I actually took the loopers to it this spring because it was becoming to big. I cannot remember how long it was after buying it before it flowered.


  2. Beautiful flowers, Brian. Do you have an all white garden bed or are these specially selected for the post? I used to have a white/silver garden, but it was shaded out by surrounding trees long ago.


  3. Such a good range of whites after your darker shades last week Brian. I bought a different apple scented variety of pelargonium from eBay as an afterthought as I realisded I had an odd number, but I guess yours was from Fibrex – are your other new ones doing well too?


    1. Thank you Cathy, I thought the two posts worked well.Two of the seven I bought from Fibrex failed, they have replaced them. I bought ‘Voodoo’from a NGS garden visit.


      1. Glad they were fine about replacing them. Looking at my apple one it looks the same as yours although it came just as ‘Apple’


  4. A lovely collection. I must try Dahlia ‘Twynings After Eight’ next year, it looks so delicious. Don’t you think there is something so elizabethan about astrantia?


  5. That’s a lovely selection Brian. Must admit that I find white one of the best colours in the garden. It’s the only single colour to which I’ve devoted an entire border.


  6. Oh I enjoyed both your dark and light posts Brian. We visited the Tatton Flower Show on Wednesday and I came away with three white flowering plants out of a total of six purchases. I love the way that they glow in the evening light.


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