8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday. 9/8/2017 ‘Who’s that tapping at my door’?

  1. S/he really does look very purposeful.
    Am I right in thinking you are in Worcestershire? Came through on the frequent motorway trips while deciding to move to Halifax. Was struck by how beautiful the countryside is (at least, as judged from the road!) and decided it’s an under-known county, rather as Dorset is.


    1. Yes we do live in Worcestershire Lucy. I think it is under explored because people pass through it, although the Malvern Hills and the RHS Malvern show are both popular tourist attractions.


  2. You too! I’ve got one like that. Bangs on the door for ages if I pretetnd not to hear. I go out to refill the bird-proof squirrel feeder (yes, I’m that daft!) and (s)he hops onto the arbour just above my head and watches while I fill it. I think I could hand-feed if I was prepared to risk injury!


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