Autumn Colours, Music and Poetry.

A video of the changing autumn colours in Our Garden@19 and some borrowed landscape. I filmed this over a two week period to record the changing colours. Please watch on YouTube

What is providing you with Autumn colour?

With the requirement in most countries to wear a face mask due to the Covid19 pandemic smiling at people is difficult. I have read that an eyebrow smile works, this Spike Millagan poem brought a smile to my eyebrows.

12 thoughts on “Autumn Colours, Music and Poetry.

  1. Love the credits at the end of the film…I award you a golden bird feeder for your garden. Far better for the garden than one of those Oscars.

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  2. I am afraid my terrible internet connection did not allow me to enjoy the video. I do remember the poem! It is very appropiate at this moment, especially for me as I am looking into my second general lockdown :(. Amelia


  3. For some reason, I just get a black screen and no video. Will have to give it another go later as though it may seem a bit black with another lockdown, the colours outside are beautiful.


  4. I am so glad I went back to watch this Brian, and I like your background music, which makes the walk round our garden seem really relaxing. Where did you find this version of Greensleeves? You have such a great density of planting and this really shows up on your videos. I was a bit alarmed at the size of your C Midwinter Fire – thank goodness I cut mine right down each year! And interestingly your amelanchier looked really leafy still, whereas ours was the first tree to become completely naked


    1. Thanks Cathy,
      The music is on a CD I have because I am not publishing the video on YouTube I don’t believe I have to worry about copyright rules. I don’t cut my Midwinter Fire down each year because I want the height, a bonus is it flowers. I remove a third of the branches each year to still have some new coloured ones.


  5. Our autumn color? Well, our autumn is not like in other regions. Some of the autumn color is lingering summer color. However, the deciduous foliage is coloring nicely too. Maples are uncommon, but doing well. So is birch.


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