Ivy and the Bees.

Why you should allow some ivy to grow in your garden.

Wild Ivy in flower.

I do grow some cultivated variegated forms, ivy does not produce any flowers until their adult growth stage when the leaf shape changes, usually at around 10years. They can be kept pruned to their juvenile stage and leaf shape when they will at least provide nesting sites for birds.

Ground cover under the Bug Hotel.
Hedra helix Gold Child on a shady fence.

Do you grow ivy in your garden?

7 thoughts on “Ivy and the Bees.

  1. I have ivy at the bottom of the garden but I do ot grow it as I have a fear of being overrun with the stuff. In fact I may be a bit paranoid about any climbers. When we bought the house I thought we were going to be overrun by an orange trumpet vine and I think it must have left me traumatised ;). Yours looks lovely. So I presume your cultivated ivyies do not flower. I never realised it took ten years for ivy to flower. The video is very good and I could see you have the Ivy bees as welll as the honey bees. Amelia

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  2. Yes we do grow ivy Brian although himself has just recently been in the process of removing a tree which was dripping with ivy and in flower. Sadly both had to go but I wish that he had waited a bit longer. We do have ivy growing in other spots too 😄

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  3. I have a similar variegated ivy, which has just started to show the adult growth. With your encouragement, I shall leave it to see what the flowers are like. However I do need to go out and tidy it up a bit, as it is growing in the narrow dead end strip at the side of the house, and Mr S was threatening to go out and chop it back. I just happened to list it on my SOS today….

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