St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve.

A favourite walk of ours even before lockdown was St. Wulstan’s Nature Reserve. Before it became a nature reserve, it had a fascinating history as a US army hospital, a TB hospital and a psychiatric hospital, it is managed by Worcestershire county council.

These pictures are from a visit in early July, the open areas around the shrubby were full of colour and insect life

With the Malvern Hills in the back ground.

Because of its sweet honey like scent ladies bedstraw was used for bedding

Wild Parsnip.

The sap from wild parsnip is toxic. Cultivated parsnip left in the garden for a second year has attractive flowers.

At the end of Matron’s Path, there was the Rowan covered in berries and the wild Clematis with its fluffy seed heads.

In a lane closer to home was this flower, it looks a little like an orchid. it is the Dyer’s Greenweed. historically used to create a yellow dye.

Do you have a favourite walk?

7 thoughts on “St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve.

  1. So beautiful, Brian. I am so happy to recognise and know all the flowers you show.
    Aren’t they so enchanting.
    I can’t right off think of my favourite walk, there are quite a number. Maybe one will crystallise.


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  2. Beautiful. It sounds one of these places where each time you go you will find something new. I suppose our favourite walks are the circular ones we take around the house. Amelia


  3. How close is it to you Brian? Hopefully ‘on your doorstep’. It looks such a varied and interesting place to walk – are there any of the buildings left? We have extended our range of local walks since lockdown, and there must be at last half a dozen circular walks of up to 5 miles or so, all from our front door and mostly off-road – such an asset to have them 😊


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