Virtual meetings, the Garden in July and Plant Sales.

The Covid-19 restrictions have inevitably prevented any meetings of our club, The Black Pear Gardening Our family has been using Skype for keeping in touch so I decided to try and hold a trial meeting for the club with the opportunity for members to say hello, I then presented pictures from our garden with the aim to include pictures from members gardens at the next meeting. While technology can be challenging we did manage to hold the meeting.

July has been a busy month here in Our Garden@19 with the open garden visits cancelled I had been left with a large stock of plants that I had hoped to sell. We decided, with the village of Pirton, (Worcestershire), where my brother Derek lives, to hold a plant sale in memory of his wife and our late sister in law, in aid of St Richards Hospice who cared for Diana. When the plants had been made presentable for sale, a large transit type van arrived to transport all the plants the day before, ready for setting up the sale the next morning.

The sale was well supported by the village, both helping and purchasing plants along with several members of the garden club.

The video below is the one I presented at the virtual meeting, ‘Our Garden@19 in July.’ Please turn your sound up, click to full-size screen, play and enjoy.


The tomatoes are a bush type? ‘Maskotka’ which crop well despite their vigorous growth.

Are you using technology to keep in touch?

12 thoughts on “Virtual meetings, the Garden in July and Plant Sales.

  1. Pleased to hear that your spare plants were sold for a good cause, Brian. Ours will just be bigger next year, but most need repotting already!


  2. We had a Zoom meeting with our herb group last week, and it was fun to see everyone and share what we are growing. Several of our members are older, and didn’t have microphones or cameras on their computers or phones, so they couldn’t be seen or heard, but they said later that they enjoyed it anyway!


  3. Before we were allowed to form a bubble, I used FaceTime and Zoom to ‘ visit’ my sister. We did regularly use FaceTime before though. We also use Messenger through the day if we just want to tell each other something that has just happened. My sister lives alone and so it makes it feel as though someone is there with her.

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  4. Great video again Brian. Yes, I have been using Facetime to keep in touch with my sister and parents in the UK…. looks like a visit won‘t be possible for some time so am glad my Mum (83) has mastered some iPad basics! My Dad has given me tours of their garden with it too. 😃 Good to hear you could find good homes for all your plants and earn some cash for a charity at the same time.

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  5. Such a clever idea. You are so lucky to be able to chat to people about your garden and their’s. Only one of our friends is interested in anything other than vegetable, although I agree they are probably more virtuous than us.
    The plant sale is a great idea. We have exchanges here but they naturally lack variety. Amelia

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