Autumn Project 2 Completed.

I have to confess to watching many of the gardening programs on television along with reading gardening magazines, books and of course blogs, for inspiration in planting and design.

One programme featured, what I thought was a good structural design for supporting climbing plants.

When I had finished building my version, I thought it looked too much like railway signals. The original one had used wider timber.

My design consultant (Irene) convinced me it was okay and would soon be covered by the Rose.

I have either been brave or stupid (you will, I am sure, have your own opinion) planted a Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’, which I have grown from a cutting, to help screen one side of a shed. This is the one I have built the support for.

This is the rose the cutting came from! It has never been pruned.

Will it be ideal to ‘train’ a Rose over?

It will certainly need to be pruned.

7 thoughts on “Autumn Project 2 Completed.

  1. Can’t quite tell from the pictures, but will there be a secret sitting place under the cascading roses where you both can sit and admire the roses with a cup of tea, even if it is for a brief encounter? That colour is great, and I await pictures in future years in order to judge success….Well don both of you.


  2. I enjoyed reading about your autumn projects Brian. I see what you mean about railway signals but that lovely rose will soon cover and obscure the framework. No autumn projects underway here as I have my right hand in plaster but still a chance to catch up on reading that backlog of gardening magazines. Sadly we have had to cancel our plans to go to the Malvern show which I had been looking forward to😢


  3. I think it could look very impressive but it might involve you in a lot of work. I love the added structure to arches and such like but they do need care. That saying, everthing does :). Amelia


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