The Garden Team.

The garden team.


Brian, Head Gardener, also responsible for estate maintenance i.e. so long as it can be mended with a Brummie Screwdriver (Hammer), Communications & I.T. Development!!

Irene, Head of Catering & Accounts, responsible for design decisions in The Oriental Garden and care of The Orchid Collection.

Mary, Studying Botanical Art ( Hobby), family florist, allotment owner and catering assistant responsible for Murphy.


Murphy, Our Nigel (See Gardener’s World), Responsible for Security, Pest Control, and the Brown Patches in the lawn! (Sadly no longer with us, a much-missed companion.)

IMG_0011The Three Degrees.
Rachel, on the left, Catering Assistant, Communication & I.T. Consultant and responsible for:

IMG_0183Granddaughters, Rebecca and Louise, catering assistants. They also designed and built the garden Bug House.

They are also a supply of cheap child labour?

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