The Garden Team.

The garden team.


Brian, Head Gardener, also responsible for estate maintenance i.e. so long as it can be mended with a Brummie Screwdriver (Hammer), Communications & I.T. Development!!

Irene, Head of Catering & Accounts, responsible for design decisions in The Oriental Garden and care of The Orchid Collection.

Mary, Studying Botanical Art ( Hobby), family florist, responsible for Murphy.


Murphy, Our Nigel (See Gardener’s World), Responsible for Security, Pest Control, and the Brown Patches in the lawn! (Sadly no longer with us, a much-missed companion.)

Rachel, Catering Assistant, Communication & I.T. Consultant and responsible for:

IMG_0183Granddaughters, Rebecca and Louise, who have designed and built the garden Bug House.

They are also a supply of cheap child labour?

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