Plant of the month.

Asters, Michaelmas Daisies or Symphyotrichum, as some of them have now been renamed, are one of the autumn garden flowers I have always loved to see. This is probably because of the wonderful stand that grew in my parents and grandparents gardens.

There are many to choose from, for October’s plant of the month, in Our Garden@19.

I have selected Symphyotrichum ‘Little Carlow’, it has RHS AGM status and is generally disease-free. With its masses of small blue flowers and yellow centres, I think, it is a good companion with Solidago Fireworks.

It will self seed around the garden, although it will not come true, it can however be propagated by division, preferably in the spring.

With it being a simple flower it is popular with the pollinators.

Do you have a favourite October flower?

13 thoughts on “Plant of the month.

  1. I love my asters at this time of year as they bring such a lot of colour into the garden. I think I might have the same one as you. It is my tallest aster and despite the flowers being so tiny it is, as you say, very popular with the pollinators. Amelia


  2. Even though I do not grow them, I think that chrysanthemums of all sorts exemplify October. I do not grow marigold either, but I do enjoy planting some from a nursery. Marigold is the official flower of Dia de los Muertos, so becomes popular in some Communities here.


      1. That orange is rad. All the autumn colors are rad. White is my favorite color, but I make exception for chyrsanthemum, which really should be autumn colors. I do not think of them as Japanese, but more like something from New England, where autumn is best.


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