Vinca have a bad reputation with gardeners as being very invasive. This is more true of ‘major’, the smaller ‘minor’, known as the Lesser Periwinkle is, I think, an excellent plant for dry, shady areas. It is not often considered for planters, although it can look particularly good in urns or large pots, trailing over the sides like a green waterfall.

Available in colours other than blue, it can be a garden worthy plant.

The double blue, grows in ourgarden@19 in urns either side of the banana bench.

Vinca minor ‘Azurea Flore Pleno’

An attractive alternative is the purple form, here in a large terracotta pot.

Vinca minor ‘Atropurpurea’

A white one lives happily in a small Cotswold Stone pot in the White and Green garden.

Vinca minor ‘Alba’

The star of our Vinca family is ‘Jenny Pym’ with its delicate pink and white colours…

Vinca diffopmis ‘Jenny Pym’

…scrambling through our Spring Bed…

…does pink and yellow go together?

18 thoughts on “Vinca.

  1. Beautiful pictures of unassuming and gorgeous flowers.
    I have Vinca minor and have to trim it back as it is so eager. Mind you, I didn’t know
    the name until now. 🙂
    In nature all colours mix well.


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  2. I’m glad you can keep the Vinca minor under control as it has a pretty flower. I unfortunately, planted V.major in the garden before we came to live here permanently and I am still regretting it. I must admit I admire its ability to thrive in the shady spots but it also seeds around over here. I think the variegated form is less invasive, too. Amelia


  3. Pink and yellow is one of my favourite planting combinations! I love vinca and have both a pale variegated blue flowered one and the purple one like yours. Yes, they do like to spread, but are also very easy to remove in my soil. And ground cover is always welcome! 🙂


  4. Every plant has its place and Vinca minor is a very useful little plant, easy to keep under control, if needs be. I find it tends to control itself as it doesn’t smother other plants and gets stopped in its tracks if it encounters something tougher – it rambles nicely around the edges of a patch of Epimedium here. i haven’t come across ‘atropurpurea’ before but the colour tells me I need to add one or two …….


    1. The purple one is a lovely colour, I have seen it in nurseries, I don’t think you would find it in garden centres ( I have some on my sale table for NGS open days)


  5. You know, I actually planted Vinca major in the parkstrip (between the curb and sidewalk) in town. It was not a problem there because it had no place to escape to. It was way out in a suburban area. However, it never was much to look at, and gets mown down annually. It is an invasive exotic weed here in the Santa Cruz mountains.


  6. I just have the one plant given to me by my sister – it has spread considerably , has beautiful double blue flowers but is sadly rather shy in flowering. ‘Jenny Pym’ looks most pretty and I like your white vinca in the container.


  7. Vinca minor Gertrude Jekyll is also a lovely plant with white flowers. It scrambles around in our Spring Borders quite happily without becoming a nuisance. Should have some on my sales table on NGS days, if it hasn’t all been sold on the plant stall at Malvern Country Market in the meantime.

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