‘Brazen Hussy’.

The plant family, Ranunculus, includes buttercups and lesser celandine, plants that most gardeners would not welcome into their garden. However with these looks and the name of ‘Brazen Hussy’, I have made an exception.

Ranunculus ‘Brazen Hussy’

It was discovered and named by Christopher Lloyd growing in the woods at Great Dixter.

Here, enjoying the sunshine, it has brazenly self seeded into some cracks in the path. What is being ‘Brazen’ in your garden?

14 thoughts on “‘Brazen Hussy’.

  1. The shiny yellow against the bronze leaves is very attractive. I guess the most brazen plant in our garden at the moment is our red camellia which is covered with flowers.


  2. I even like the standard celandines…..a single plant in my garden would be enjoyed, and if it looked like this one and I had the room, it would be welcome. It just glows in this great spring sunshine.


  3. I have lesser celandine at the bottom of the back garden which looks similar and lights up the area. I have had it since we moved in but this year it seems to have set its sides on the borders which is a bit worrying. Amelia


  4. My most brazen plants are Spanish bluebells which dominate the spring and Japanese anemones which dominate everything else. It’s lovely how your plant has self seeded and come true.


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