7 thoughts on “Winter Stems, Leaves and Flowers.

  1. In our mild climate, the landscapes rarely lack color completely, although color can get a bit sparse by the end of summer, and two or three weeds ago, before spring bulbs started to bloom. Vinca major is a naturalized weed here, but it is difficult to not appreciate the blue color. I have not seen white Vinca major in a long time, but the flowers look like those of your Vinca diffopmis ‘Jenny Pym’.


      1. No, or at least I do not believe so. To me, they seem to be plain white. I have seen ‘Jenny Pym’ only a few times in nurseries, but never in gardens. It is unpopular here, probably because it is related to Vinca major. The few flowers that I saw were barely blushed with pink, and seemed to be white, although the picture showed them with more of a pink blush. Vinca minor ‘Alba’ is sometimes available in nurseries, and somehow does not become invasive.

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  2. Colours and flowers this time of the year is so much appreciated. I have Cornus Mid-Winter Fire like you, snowdrops and cyclamens, and red foliaged Loropetalum. I have others of course. Even in a small garden it is so important. Thanks for bringing up this theme.

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