A Frosty Morning Workout.

Every January I wait for a frosty morning to pollard the Acer negundo Flamingo.

Without the cold weather, even in January, the sap will pour from the cut wounds, which could over time weaken the tree. The branches provide a lovely winter grey blue colour.

This is done to maintain the beautiful leaf colours, otherwise it can revert to green.

The first cuts.
Done, now back inside for a coffee and warm up.
Acer negundo Flamingo

Next the rambling roses.

Do you have a cold weather must do job?

6 thoughts on “A Frosty Morning Workout.

  1. Definitely frosty here but aren’t the blue skies and sunshine wonderful. Nice to find jobs which ought to be done now. I like those little clumps of moss growing in the cleft of the branches.


  2. Actually, I just mentioned this in my post for tomorrow morning (in 10 minutes). Winter is so mild and brief that we are rushed with our winter chores, and some things just bleed.
    Acer negundo is native. There is quite a bit of it right outside here. We grew three cultivars on the farm, including ‘Flamingo’, but discontinued them because we did not sell enough. It really should be pollarded for vigor.

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