Wildlife in Our Garden and Autumn Colour.

Goldfinches feeding on sunflower hearts.
Vitis ‘ Spetchley red ‘ 
Fuchia ‘Mrs Popple’
Malus Golden Hornet and Tithonia ‘Torch’

The Alpine Boxes and pots.
Nerine Bowdenii

Please select Watch on YouTube then full screen for video.

What is giving you Autumn Joy in the garden or countryside?

5 thoughts on “Wildlife in Our Garden and Autumn Colour.

  1. You have plenty of colour in the garden. The Goldfinches bring their own colour. Sunflower hearts must be a real treat for them but worth it to see them in the garden. Amelia


  2. Oh you nerines look especially lovely, Brian! How nice to have a good clump of them – I have had no more than 2 or 3 in my pots. Do you have any spare seeds of your white lychnis by the way? I hoped to save seed from mine this year but collected very little and none germinated so perhaps they were not fully ripe


      1. Thanks Brian, I did wonder if the needed a cold snap, but I am sure I have sown them in the autumn before – and I sowed collected seed from pink and occulata vareties at the same time which germinated successfully. The white doesn’t seem to make as strong plants as the others, in my experience anyway. All great plants though, and I wouldn’t be without them

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  3. We have had a glorious autumn on the whole, and your garden just continues to provide pleasure for everyone. Thanks Brian for sharing pictures and a glimpse of some of the wildlife.

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