Our Garden@19 in September.

September is one of my favourite months in the garden, it could be nostalgia because we always had a wonderful show of Michaelmas Daises (Asters/Symphyotrichum) in our cottage garden at home. Many other plants also provide interest at this time of year, the annuals such as dahlias, late flowering perennials, trees and shrubs with changing leaf colour.

The Asters.

Symphyotrichum n.a ’ Harringtons Pink’ with Bee.
Symphyotrichum ‘Little Carlow, Solidago ‘Fireworks’ & Calamagrostis Brachytricha
Symphyotrichum na ‘ Barrs Violet ‘ 

Some of the others.

Sedum Herbstfreud 
Vitis ‘ Spetchley red ‘ over the arch.
Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and honey bee.
Verbena Bonariensis and friend.
Miscanthus sinensis 
Calamagrostis x a. ‘ Karl Foerster’ . These white Asters flower in October.
Cyclamen hederifolium.
Malus Blenheim Orange

The Movie.

Please turn on your sound, watch on YouTube and select full screen.

Do you have a favourite September plant?

14 thoughts on “Our Garden@19 in September.

  1. I love autumn more and more. I find there is more time to enjoy the garden in the autumn. My favourite flowers are the asters but I would like some solidago like you have to mix in with them. Amelia


      1. I’ve taken a note of that. I’ll see if I can source it in the spring. I like flowers that stay where you put them, the ones with running roots are so difficult. I never knew about it when I planted my Wisteria. Amelia


  2. September is a favourite month with me too Brian and apart from the last few days it’s been a glorious month here. You have some beautiful Michaelmas Daisies. Mine are all shades of purple apart from the white aster diveraticus so I must look into the pinks too. My dad would have been celebrating a birthday tomorrow and I always think of him when I see these flowers. He was going to be named Michael if he had been born on the 29th 😂


  3. No favorites; because selection of favorites excludes others as favorites. However, I do like how a few deciduous plants begin to get slightly colorful about now. Boston ivy gets colorful early, even here. I know it is not comparable to cooler climates, but is what we get.


  4. Your garden certainly doesn’t have the shabby look of mine at the end of September, Brian! I like the end screen of your video and your still photos are lovely too. No asters here apart from the wood aster but I have tried others with no success.


    1. I have lost almost as many asters as has survived Cathy! I have come to the conclusion that they prefer not to be crowded, open to the sunshine, which is difficult with a large copper beech in next doors garden. The novae-angliae seem more robust along with an old white species variety I was given. The problem with that is it is a runner. Left to its own devices it would take over!


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