Some July Specials.

Thalictrum flavum subsp.glaucum and Campanula lactiflora ‘Prichard’s Variety’
Clematis ‘Perle d’Azur and Dianthus carthusianorum
Geranium Johnson’s Blue and Lychnis chalcedonica

Who would have thought a runner bean flower could be so beautiful?

In the raised beds edging the patio Runner Bean White Emergo
With Sweet pea Air Warden.
And Self-seeded Poppy.
On the Patio.

Do you have some July Specials in your garden?

14 thoughts on “Some July Specials.

  1. Youv’e got plenty of colour in the garden. I think my yellow tall Achilea is special at the moment bringing patches of brightness in this dull weather. Amelia


  2. Lovely combinations Brian. I am intrigued by the dark foliage your geranium is climbing through. Feel I should recognize it…. My July specials are/will be my sunflowers I think, as they are just starting to open. 😀


  3. I have only recently come across that dianthus and bought a few self-sown seedlings from an NGS garden recently. How did your opening go?


    1. It went quite well thanks Cathy. We limited numbers using NGS booking essential to control numbers because parking is limited which is another reason for opening on a week day when a lot of our neighbours cars are out at work. As you know our garden is not very big so we limited numbers to 20 in the morning and the same in the afternoon. Sold out in the afternoon almost in the morning. We raised £320 including plant sales to a local Hospice.


      1. Good to know that you nearly ‘maxed out’ Brian, and well done on what you raised – it often amazes me how much money an average visitor will spend. How much do you charge for your refreshments? The most we have had on one day is about 60, and the average is probably about 40; so far, parking in our neighbours ‘school playground’ has coped, and we are very grateful for it


      2. I might increase mine a little next year, as it is currently £2.50 – I want to ensure it’s still a ‘buy me price’…


      3. We increased our price this year partly because we purchased disposable cups plates and food bags to wrap individual pieces of cake along with face shields for those serving food although we didn’t claim the costs! People seemed happy to pay, it is not expensive when compared to what you would pay in cafes. I also increased my plant prices because they have gone up significantly in garden centres.


      4. Thanks for that, Brian. One of my groups insisted on paying more, but I am hesitant to raise prices — even though people tell me my cakes are the best they have tasted! Perhaps I need to remember that I am used to the joy of homemade cakes and that not everyone balks at the price of cakes in a cafe! I will probably make a small change next year though…

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