Wisteria, Iris, Cornus kousa, Clematis, Alliums and Alliums in early June.

A video tour of Our Garden@19 in early June. Please select Watch on YouTube and select full screen.

We are opening our garden for the National Garden Scheme on the 28th June, whilst some of these will be over the climbing roses among others should be in full swing.

5 thoughts on “Wisteria, Iris, Cornus kousa, Clematis, Alliums and Alliums in early June.

  1. Your garden looks amazing! How do you get all those flowers and plants in there? And I love them all! The Alliums are putting on a great show. I’ve not been able to get your videos well before but this one was no problem for me to watch. Have you done something that is better for people with poor reception? Amelia


    1. Thank you Amelia. This one was saved to YouTube first and then imbedded into the blog rather than a file direct from my laptop. I can only imagine that has made a difference. There are a few others on my YouTube that you may not have seen.

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  2. Enjoyed your garden, what a special spot: the wisteria is a picture as are the borders. Congratulations Brian.


  3. Looking lovely, Brian, although no doubt you will have petal strewn paths after yesterday’s rain, like we have! Interesting to read that you have a Monday opening – have you got many booked in yet? Hope all goes well and the weather is kind to you and your visitors as well as the garden


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