Spetchley Park Gardens in May.

With the tentative easing of lock down restrictions our first garden visits have been to Spetchley Park Gardens with 30 acres to roam there is space for everyone.

Spetchley Park, Worcester has been privately owned for over 400 years, with a good garden history due to its connection with Miss Willmott. It also has tea rooms, a heritage centre and plant sales. http://www.spetchleygardens.co.uk

This gallery of pictures was taken during our visit in early May.

Where is your favourite garden to visit?

6 thoughts on “Spetchley Park Gardens in May.

  1. Is that a ‘Princeton Gold’ Norway maple?! I have never met one of those. I have been trying to grow ‘Schwedleri’, but it will neither root from cutting nor graft onto common Norway maple.


      1. Oh, it is not so important that you need to check. It just happened to look familiar. I had seen the ‘Princeton Gold’ in pictures online, and even though I it would not be compatible with my bronzed ‘Schwedlerii’ Norway maple (and I typically dislike gold foliage), I was impressed by the bright color. Most gold foliage just looks sickly.


  2. The trees are at their very best aren’ they? Of course they also look great at other times too. Your photographs show them beautifully.


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