Greenhouses and Raised Beds in May.

A tour of the greenhouses in May, the cold winds and frosty nights dictate that tender plants have to remain inside. This time of year is always over crowded greenhouse time!

The tomato, Amateur, new to me this year, Amelia from mentioned it as a favourite of her fathers. I was attracted to it because he grew it as a bush tomato.

Amateur tomato plants.

On the side shelf are trailing pelargoniums growing on for the hanging baskets. Pelargoniums are one of my favourite summer plants.

Pelargonium cuttings and three purchased P. Ardens on the heated propagation bench.

Alongside are Courgettes, Genovese Basil in pots. In the root trainers are Coleus, ‘Festive Dance’ seedlings. Thunbergia plata, ‘Susie Series’ White and at the back Hordeum Jubatum an ornamental barley that I first saw growing in Aberglassney garden

On the top shelf are climbing French and Runner Beans, Sweet Corn ‘Swift’ and Dwarf French Bean ‘Purple Teepee’.

Spinach and Rocket seedlings growing on ready to plant in the raised beds later on.

These are Dahlia Merckii seedlings pricked out into root trainers, a seed swap from Fiona Wormald at two years ago. I did not manage to sow them until this spring, the germination has been fantastic.

The Dahlia tubers are proving to be a little slow to show this year, one of the Striped Vulcan, new this year, has started.

Rainbow Chard in root trainers along with Fennel. This is the first time I have grown bulb fennel.

These young Alstroemeria plants are from seeds collected by my brother last autumn from the ones in his garden.

In the raised beds are crimson flowering Broad Beans.

With Spinach, Sweet-peas on the obelisk and newly planted lettuce.

Now we need some sunshine.

5 thoughts on “Greenhouses and Raised Beds in May.

  1. Great to you all your seedlings, cuttings etc. I would say that I like a bush tomato, so will be interested to read your reviews of this later in the year. I have ‘surprise’ seeds of tomato, from a little grand-daughter who threw the packet away. You can understand that I need to grow them non the less, but am looking for just one variety to grow next year, so advice and recommendations are helpful. Bring on some warmth and a little more rain!

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  2. Your greenhouse bears the proof that you have made good use of your time during the confinement! I have been experimenting more this year with seeds and cuttings with a variable success, You have a better system going than I do for the new plants. Mine tend to litter the back door – so I do not forget them. I would like to get a better place organised but I do not know where yet. I hope the Amateur tomatoes do well with you. Amelia

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  3. Your greenhouses and raised beds are looking really productive Brian, even if you think things are behind this year. I see you still have some bubble wrap up – does your g/h not get too warm now temps are rising? You have reminded me that I should have taken cuttings of the trailing pelargoniums I had in troughs last year, as the retained ones are looking very tatty – perhaps not too late?


    1. I leave the bubble wrap up all the year in the greenhouse that can be heated but ventilate both by leaving doors open along with auto window openers. They are in the shade a little from next doors tree.


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