Autumn Project 4, Unexpected!

Banana Bench & Boston Ivy, Autumn 2018.

This year I noticed that the Parthenocissus Tri. Veitch, Boston Ivy, behind the banana bench, had been almost completely replaced with wild Ivy. Now while I like Ivy in the garden for its benefit to wildlife, here I would prefer to see a more colourful plant. I decided that it was necessary to remove the ivy.

This revealed that the Ivy was holding up the trellis, with most of it rotten along with two of the posts at ground level. I was left with no other option than to replace it all.

Picture from behind where trellis would have been.
From the front, with two posts waiting for sanding and staining.

I have, in previous blogs mentioned my inclination to watch TV gardening programmes for inspiration. On several occasions concrete reinforcing steel grid has been used to support climbing plants instead of wood trellis. With the advantages of not going rotten, not requiring painting (the rust look is on trend, so I’m told) and at 3.6m x 2m for just under £20 is cheaper than trellis. Two repair spikes were required with some rapid set postcrete to repair the two rotten posts, then a coat of wood preservative applied. Next grid was cut to size with a steel cutting angle grinder. The grid was fixed to the posts with 2×1” treated and stained timber screwed through to the posts.

Autumn Unexpected Project Completed.

Have you had any unexpected autumn Projects?

14 thoughts on “Autumn Project 4, Unexpected!

  1. It was really interesting to read this, Brian – it’s not something we have considered before and I am not sure we have even come across the product before (can’t gave seen the same programmes as you have!) but the idea is stored away in my head now for the future – thank you! This is a great way of dividing the garden, whatever form it takes, and is definitely a job well done. Removing ivy is one of my overwinter tasks – like you, I love it, especially when it flowers, but it woukd rule the world if it could! Thanks for sharing your orojects, Brian – oh, and all our Autumn projects are surprises,


  2. Non so far…but the unexpected is still unknown! I like the Mask set on the trellis which mirros the same tones as the bench…hope you get some sunshine and manage a few minutes rest on the bench this week.


  3. It looks great. I hope you are not going to cover it all up now.
    We have a project too. It involves creating another sitting area. It also means we will be moving quite a few plants and I did not think we would have to move any this autumn. Amelia


  4. We just got our first Boston ivy this last year. It goes on concrete walls that were covered with Algerian ivy. The Boston ivy grows up from below. The Algerian ivy hangs down from above. I am getting rid of the Algerian ivy as the Boston ivy grows. Of course, it is done for now. I am quite pleased with it.
    Anyway, it seems that most of our projects are not planned. They just come up while we are keeping up with what is on schedule.

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