Plant of the month.

Visiting RHS Chatsworth Show in June this year, one of the bulb stands had Zantedeschia Contor on display, and in flower. Talking to the owner he reassured me the tubers would flower this summer.

He was right!

I am linking with Noelle who has posted her plant of the month.

Do you have one?

11 thoughts on “Plant of the month.

    1. I followed the instructions of the bulb man. I planted them in pots of multipurpose compost, kept them in my open greenhouse and watered them regularly, that was it. When they started to produce blooms I moved them outside. They do like moist conditions so the pots are stood in saucers. I don’t believe the tubers are hardy, they should flower earlier next year with a spring planting in the headed greenhouse.


  1. My sister has several in her garden in pots. They seem to seed themselves as they spread and come up in pots that she hadn’t put them in, We don’t know how else they manage to do this but we have never seen any seed heads, She only started with one.


  2. Oh, that is weird. These small colorful callas are all we grow in the landscapes. (There are none of the ‘common’ big white ones that I like so much.) This is the time of year that they sort of finish bloom though.

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