Plant of the month.

Choosing a plant of the month at this time of year is a little like choosing your favourite child. Daucus carota, the wild annual carrot, flowering in the blue border mainly from self sown plants is my choice. I grew it two years ago from seed, there was none in the garden last year, now this year…

Scarlet Tiger Moth, you see the red underneath when it opens its wings.

A simple drought tolerant plant, easy and cheap to grow, used by herbalists, loved by the pollinators and ideal for wildlife friendly gardening.

Do you currently have a favourite flower?

15 thoughts on “Plant of the month.

    1. I always find it difficult to choose a favourite flower but at the moment I am drawn to a deep blue sweet pea called Heathcliff, It has a beautiful perfume as well as a lovely colour

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  1. It is looking lovely in your garden. We have a lot growing in the woods near us but I am a bit cautious about sheltering in the garden in case it takes over. You have certainly used it to advantage, I’ll see how you get on with it. Amelia


  2. It certainly makes an impact – and I am always amzed at the self-seeding that takes place some tears after the original plant was grown


  3. Favorite flower? No. There are many that I prefer, but they are not right for every situation. There are many flowers that I am none too keen on that happen to work very well in some situations. As you say, it really is hard to select a favorite.

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