Snowdrop Temptation.

We visited the first National Garden Scheme, open garden in Worcestershire on Sunday. The garden, Brockamin, includes Plant Heritage National Collections of Asters and some hardy Geraniums. It opens for Snowdrops in February, Daffodils in March and Asters in September.

The 1.5 acre informal garden contains mixed borders planted with hardy perennials and shrubs, several of which were in flower or adding stem colour.

Lonicera fragrantissima & Iris reticulata

Hellebores, Crocus with an early Narcissi adding to the colour.

N. Bowles Early Sulphur.
Crocus protected from visitors feet.
and swathes of Eranthus Hyemalis

Then of course the snowdrops, all labeled for identification.

Tea and cakes along with plants for sale were there to tempt us. Was I tempted I hear you ask, lets just say I have always been attracted to gold!

18 thoughts on “Snowdrop Temptation.

      1. That’s interesting to know, Brian, just thinking ahead to ours next year. I wouldn’t want to be inundated and of course we wouldn’t anticipate as many as a large garden like this


      2. Hopefully the NGS publicity will be enough although I will try and get something in our local paper again for the Feb opening – but circulation isn’t as it used to be

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  1. Goodness, I am so ready for the end of snowdrop season. They are pretty sweet, but everyone is talking about them. The hellebores are compelling because they do not do so well here. they are very popular, but will not perform as they do in other climates.


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