A feeding frenzy in the rain.

I have observed over the years that the birds visit our feeders in greater numbers on a wet day, more than any other weather, except snow.

These pictures were taken on Friday through the dining room window with the flash turned off. The Goldfinches were joined by a pair of Siskins and a Bluetit during that time.

Do you have visitors to your garden in the rain?

15 thoughts on “A feeding frenzy in the rain.

  1. When I brought in a few sunflowers from the garden a few autumns ago, the finches came into my dining room for a party. What a mess! It was too funny to not laugh about. That was in autumn though, while the sunflowers were still blooming. The windows are mostly closed in winter, and the finches are not so common. Crows are nasty this time of year though.


      1. It was in a huge vase (pronounced like ‘vaahz’), with like a gallon of water in it. All the water was spilled out all over the frass of seed taken from humongous bouquet of sunflowers, as well as all the poop that all the tiny birds eating the seed make. There was poop up in the chandelier and all over the . . . everything in the dining room. When I walked in on them, the all froze for less than a second, then simultaneously few out the window in a flurry of tiny yellow feathers. It was horrible! but it was hilariously funny. Some stayed out in the fig tree, seemingly to confirm than I took it all in good humor. I suppose I had that one coming, since I took their sunflowers. Although I am no fan of wildlife, I would be pleased to grow sunflowers just for them and their friends. They are such delightful neighbors.

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  2. It is so lovely to see the birds so free and not caged in for our enjoyment. I have not noticed any change in numbers with the rain at our feeders. We never have had as many goldfinches. I love to see them but they are more summer visitors for us. Amelia


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