12 thoughts on “Cool.

  1. Lovely images.

    It’s nice to have a break from he heat but I’m not sure that I’d feel the same if this was my only holiday period. I think that I’d feel cheated.


    1. Thank you Sue. I know what you mean, I always feel sorry for parents who have booked a holiday and then it rains. It is expensive for a family to visit places compared to a day on the beach.


      1. White is my favorite color! However, while growing hundreds of varieties of rhododendrons, there were only two that were pure white, and both were trashy! (Yup, they were white trash.) There were a few other whites, but they were all striped, spotted, blotched or otherwise contaminated with other color. Even in my own garden, there is not much white. Most of the flowers are very important to me because they came from other gardens where white was not a priority.


      2. pH does not change the color of rhododendrons like it does for hydrangeas; and for hydrangeas, the white ones are always white. Only the pink and blue ones change according to pH. (Modern cultivars of hydrangea do not change as severely as old cultivars that could fluctuate from one end of the range to the other. Some of the modern white hydrangeas can be blushed with one color or the other.)


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