November Sunshine.

November unfairly receives a bad press, often refered to as dark, gloomy, foggy and dismal. This I think stems mainly from the days when coal fires were the norm, polluting the atmosphere.  “Guns N Roses” even performed a song entitled ‘November Rain’, which I don’t mind listening to (They are an American Hard Rock Band!) although I cannot agree with the sentiment implied in the lyrics.

We have recently enjoyed some lovely sunny November days here at Our Garden@19. Here are some photographs to help brighten your day, wherever you are.


Acer Tegmentosum Snakebark Maple
White Glass Daisy Star.


Personally I think November is THE best month of the year.


What is your favourite month?

13 thoughts on “November Sunshine.

  1. It’s funny, as soon as I read November Sunshine, I thought of November Rain. It is a good song to be fair! Nice images too. I guess my favourite month is June, as it is my birthday month, the weather starts to warm up and there is a world cup every four years usually around then!


      1. No worries. And you are lucky to have been alive to see England win a World Cup! I have witnessed them get knocked out to Iceland…


  2. I think my favourite month is May, my birthday month, spring is well underway and summer is on the doorstep. Plants are flourishing too with thoughts of a harvest about to be ready for picking.


  3. I think your lovely photographs illustrate how lovely the garden is when lit up by the sunshine at any time. I think April must be my favourite month when everything in the garden is racing on. Amelia


  4. I can agree…November sunshine…Après la pluie le beau temps. Went out for a walk to enjoy the low sunshine, taking time to appreciate the beauty of stems, and views through trees and hedges. Your pics are great. Guess it must be your birthday about now…Happy Birthday Brian.


  5. Thanks for brightening my day Brian! Your November sunshine looks great on all those grasses. And I can understand why you like this month so much from the last photo too! We don’t get much sun at this time of year due to being in a river valley – plenty of fog and low cloud though! 😉


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