I took these pictures with my iPhone, on a beautiful sunny November afternoon, while raking up the leaves in the garden, intending to publish them with this title on Wordless Wednesday.

Events here during the night of Friday 11th overtook every thing else, nine garden sheds and out buildings in our cul-de-sac were burgled. They entered the gardens from the field behind, by cutting the wire fence that runs along the rear of the gardens. Bolt cutters were obviously used to cut off the padlocks where they were in place, stealing small hand powered tools, petrol leaf vacuums, chain saws ect. They actually removed a fencing panel furthest from the house, between us and our neighbour, to enter our garden.  Nobody heard a thing, not even our dog.

The last few days we have been repairing the damage and attempting to increase the level of security, by fitting alarms, security lighting and what we hope are bolt cutter resistant locks.

The police advised us not to keep any new replacement tools in the sheds as this type of criminal often wait about a month, to give you time to purchase replacements, before revisiting. We believe they must have ‘cased’ the area in daylight to know the layout so well, the police told us that they use either drones or google maps to assess the position and number of targets.

I decided to post this purely as a warning to those of you who have valuable power tools in out buildings to take advice about security to help prevent this happening to you.

There are times when you feel very disillusioned about human nature.  I realise in  the scale of events going on around the world, this is very small beer, however you do feel as though your space has been violated.

Ending on a more upbeat note, the Copper Beech and the Silver Birch in next doors garden along with our Wisteria are adding a colourful tone to November, helping to prove that it is not all dark shadows.


Stay safe and secure.