Top Ten for October.

Choosing my Top Ten flowers in Our garden@19 is difficult at any time of year, however one for October has to be the Michaelmas Daisy. (Aster/ Symphyotrichum.)

Symphyotrichum n.a ‘Harringtons Pink’.
Symphyotrichum n.a ‘ Barrs Violet’.

This white one appeared in the garden two years ago. I think it may have come in with another plant. It is a runner (ie.invasive) by the appearance of its roots, I was unsure whether to keep it, until it flowers then, when it does, I relent.


I like the way it blends in beautifully with number two, the Acer griseum, ( I know its not a flower, I hope Chloris approves*, See below) with its peeling cinnamon like bark…

Acer griseum

…along with the Molina ‘Karl Foerster’. The Grasses make a lovely contribution to the October garden, therefore they are my number three.

Molinia ‘Karl Foerster’
Molinia ‘Karl Foerster’


Calamagrostis brachytricha
Calamagrostis x a. ‘ Karl Foerster ‘ and Miscanthus sinensis

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ has been a feature in this garden ever since I first saw it in Bob Brown’s, Cotswold Flowers, display beds. It stands at the back of the border, stiff and upright without the need for support.

Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’.

In the White and Green garden the amazingly reliable Iceberg rose is still flowering…

Rose Climbing Iceberg.

…along with a late planted Sweet Pea that has decided to climb up the Taxus bac. Fastigiata.

Sweet Pea ‘Memorial Flight’
Sweet Pea ‘Memorial Flight’.

Sedum do not seem to do very well in Our Garden@19 so this one is very welcome.

Sedum Herbstfreud.

The Crab Apple ‘Golden Hornet’ is in its second period of glory*, blossom being the first. it is growing alongside the raised bed containing ‘THE’ Dahlia for me ‘David Howard’.

The arch is covered with the ornamental vine ‘Spetchley Red’ through which…

Vitis ‘Spetchley red’.

…you can stroll to the banana bench and sit, to take in all the autumn colours in Our Garden@19.

IMG_2661I am joining in with Chloris * and other bloggers posting our Top Ten for October. Please visit them using the link to see their selection.


26 thoughts on “Top Ten for October.

  1. That last photo is magical Brian! Your garden must be a real picture right now and I hope you have a few more nice days or even weeks to enjoy it! Lemon Queen is a beauty, as is that white aster, which looks like the wild ones that grow near the canal here. Lovely collection!


  2. Oh my, so much to admire! That peeling bark Acer is a beauty and, as you say, beautifully highlighted by the daisy. That arch is spectacular and I can’t believe your sweet peas still look so clean and bright. I’m taking lots of notes!


    1. Thank you Lynda. The sweet peas were a last minute purchase as plugs from Sarah Raven. I usually grow from seed, these were on discount and my earlier showings had gone over.


  3. The white aster looks beautiful around the griseum. I like the way white flowers can light up a patch of the garden. I must try and find a bright white aster like that! Amelia


  4. Thank you for joining in with your October beauties Brian. They are all lovely. I agree asters are the stars of the month but grasses come into their own now too. I love David Howard with Golden Hornet. Your October garden is a magical place.


  5. The asters look wonderful at the foot of your acer griseum, Brian – possibly better even the heuchera around mine! And as others have said, your Golden Hornet and David Howard are a brilliant combination


    1. I can take some credit for the Golden Hornet and David Howard but as I wrote the white Aster was not planned. On reflection I am now certain it came, along with other plants I dug up from my late Great Aunts garden. Perhaps I should credit her with planting it!


  6. Thank you Brian for this walk through colours and shapes. I do love the flowers of your garden and share at least half of the species in my own. Am now inspired to introduce a few more. Wonderful work! I see gardening like this as creative art.


  7. Great pictures again….such lovely blooms, on a calm day with the autumn sunshine as it has been today being in our gardens is real balm for the soul. Thanks for posting your specials this month.


  8. Now I’m wondering where I could sneak some Helianthus in… 😉 Your Acer is such a beautiful thing in so many seasons; I love trees with bark that provides extra interest. And your crabapple with David Howard dahlia is a combination to dream of…


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