A ‘Charm’ in the rain.

On Thursday here in sunny Worcestershire the day turned into a very wet one.

One thing I have observed over the years feeding birds in Our Garden@19 is the feeding frenzy that develops during wet weather.

I predominantly feed sunflower hearts, which all species of birds enjoy…

A ‘Charm’  of Goldfinches.

I also feed Niger seeds especially for the seed eaters.IMG_2604



I have included this picture below despite the reflections in the window. It contains I think 18 Goldfinches, there is interestingly an adult feeding a young one through the bars. The Goldfinches love the sunflower hearts, I think this is why we have so many visit the feeders. I enjoy seeing the adults bring the youngsters along during the breeding season.

A ‘Charm’ is the collective noun for a group of Goldfinches.

How many can you count?

IMG_2608I took the photos through the dining room window using a Canon 18-200mm lens with the flash turned off.

I know many bloggers feed the birds in their garden do you?

14 thoughts on “A ‘Charm’ in the rain.

  1. We have lots of goldfinches at the moment too and like yours they flock to the sunflower hearts. We seem to have more adolescents than you have – maybe ours are late developers. By the way it’s not just the goldfinches that are drawn to the sunflower hearts. We have occasionally had siskin and also have bullfinch visitors that seem to prefer them.

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  2. They are beautiful birds – such a flurry and chatter there must be! Because of black bears, we can only have feeders out once they hibernate Dec-Mar. It is too troublesome to bring feeders in and out every day the rest of the year.


  3. Great photographs! Kourosh is the chief bird carer but they bring a lot of enjoyment into our lives. We have been gathering or gleaning the left over sunflower heads for the birds. Kourosh feeds the birds all year round but we do not have as many Goldfinches coming into the garden as you. However, year on year we have more birds nesting. Amelia


    1. Thank you Amelia. The big problem we have with birds nesting in the garden is the number of cats that visit.(7) We did though have a robin nest in the greenhouse this year.


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