On Thursday here in sunny Worcestershire the day turned into a very wet one.

One thing I have observed over the years feeding birds in Our Garden@19 is the feeding frenzy that develops during wet weather.

I predominantly feed sunflower hearts, which all species of birds enjoy…


A ‘Charm’  of Goldfinches.

I also feed Niger seeds especially for the seed eaters.IMG_2604



I have included this picture below despite the reflections in the window. It contains I think 18 Goldfinches, there is interestingly an adult feeding a young one through the bars. The Goldfinches love the sunflower hearts, I think this is why we have so many visit the feeders. I enjoy seeing the adults bring the youngsters along during the breeding season.

A ‘Charm’ is the collective noun for a group of Goldfinches.

How many can you count?

IMG_2608I took the photos through the dining room window using a Canon 18-200mm lens with the flash turned off.

I know many bloggers feed the birds in their garden do you?