Catching up!

One problem for a gardener who chooses to go away on holiday in May is the work preparing to go away and then to catch up on your return. This is especially so when you have an open garden date looming in June. This also applies to catching up on reading and writing blogs.

Here is a quick tour of our garden@19 to see what is currently performing following the absences of the gardener.

The copper barrier has so far protected the Hostas, although we have not yet had any challenging  slug weather. (warm rain).


Leading off the patio the white wisteria has survived the late frost and is now in full bloom.

IMG_1548The White and Green garden is home to Hosta Patriot, the white Hesperis matronalis…

IMG_1556…and Allium Mount Everest.

IMG_1555The Iris are at their peak, here in the front garden…


Iris ‘ Ola Kala ‘
Iris Gudrun
Iris pallida subsp. pallida

Also in the Blue Border along with Allium Purple Sensation and Euphorbia ‘palustris’ is…


Iris Alcazar

The Iris sibirica are just stating to open, this is such an easy, beautiful plant to grow.


Iris Sibirica

The Welsh Poppy cheerfully seeds itself around every where.

Meconopsis cambrica

The last of the Rhodo’s to flower.

Rhododendron Yak flava

The Clematis are beginning to do their thing..

Clematis The President
Clematis Rebecca
Clematis Niobe

…along with a new Climbing Rose, which true to its name, it is the first to flower this year.

Version 2
Rose May Queen

Whether Home or Away, take a seat for a moment and enjoy a garden.  This weekend is the NGS Anniversary Weekend Open Gardens. May 27th to 29th is their 90th Anniversary weekend and will see over 370 gardens opening for a weekend of horticultural delight.

For information about the open gardens, where to find one near you and the charities they support please visit NGS

IMG_1558What is ‘Performing’ for you in your garden in May?

24 thoughts on “Catching up!

    1. I am really pleased with the Rose, I bought it in a discount area of a local nursery. I tidied it up and planted the trimmings in a pot and the original in the garden, which then died. Happily one of the cuttings survived and this is it.😀

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  1. Your garden is exquisite, Brian. I particularly admire the white area as this is something I have tried to achieve and failed miserably. The hostas are a triumph!


  2. Lovely to catch up with your garden Brian. The green and white garden is stunning – I really love that impact with the decorations too. 🙂 Lovely irises as well.


  3. You must be very confident about your opening to go away at this time of year, Brian! Your pictures show there is lots going on on your garden and a bit of tweaking will quickly get everything shipshape, I am sure, with all your experience in garden opening 😉

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  4. Beautiful. I am fighting a losing battle with the irises. I bought three more this year and scattered them around the garden hoping to find somewhere the slugs don’t go. Seems they go everywhere… 😦


  5. Such a lot of colour! My Iris are mainly blue which have been moved around the garden, you have such a variety. What has not done well are my Alliums, I do not know why. Amelia


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