Drought Busters in Our Garden@19.

Very few plants in our gardens can survive these temperatures let alone flower. These are the few exceptions here.

Inula magnifica
Hollyhock Apple Blossom
Echinops ritro is loved by the bees.

I was once told I would regret planting this in my garden because it can be invasive. In our free draining soil, I am very happy to have it.

Sedum Mr Goodbud
Aeonium arboreum Schwarzkopf
Cotyledon orbiculata just starting to flower.

What is surviving in your garden?

10 thoughts on “Drought Busters in Our Garden@19.

  1. Never heard of Echinops as being ‘invasive’… mine increases, but doesn’t invade like stoloniferous plants. I shave the edges every year or so to give away or replant elsewhere.
    True geraniums have proved drought tolerant in my garden and still flower. Daylilies, perovskia, lamb’s ears, sedum and lavender have been doing well despite the lack of water. Still, pretty grim out there. Really hoping we see rain soon.


  2. All in Sandy soil with a mulch
    Rosa duke of marmalade and Bonica. Grasses, hydrangea(some) hebe(some) perennial clematis, penstemon fireglow, Artemesia, curry plant, lavender, soapwort, gaura, angels fishing rod, established shrubs, including box, Michaelmas daisys(some). Cornflowers, sunflowers. Nerines. Zanschinera. Plus the ones already mentioned.


  3. I took or inula out a few years back as it was over-dominating the border – but did add a young plant in a different location which is far too shady and of course it hasn’t performed. I agree that echinops can seed around, but it is so reliable it is worth the small effort fo lifting the stray newbies. The annual limonium is my biggest star this year


      1. That’s a good idea – the border mine was in is relatively narrow, leaving no space in front of it for any contrast.


  4. Not sure if you received my comment, Brian – I think Firefox was blocking a pop-up even though I commented on a different post of yours a short time ago (but perhaps that didn’t appear either!


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