Bonsai in Worcester.

We recently visited a group of gardens in Worcester who were opening for the National Garden Scheme, I don’t think many of the visitors would have expected to find such a wonderful Bonsai collection in Worcester.

From the NGS website,

“The garden has been 14 years in the making. It was designed around a collection of Bonsai trees which needed to be displayed sympathetically in fairly natural surroundings. It is a low maintenance garden with many oriental influences and a studio designed to look like a tea house. There are also two small ponds with fish and wildlife.”

The owners are Malcolm & Diane Styles. 

I am sure you will agree with me this is a wonderful garden and bonsai collection.

6 thoughts on “Bonsai in Worcester.

  1. I do agree. You’ve done very well to get a video. We went to some open gardens in Liverpool recently that were so busy, it was hard to move. This seems more peaceful – I loved the sound of the wind chimes.

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  2. Yes, a great setting Brian. I am always fascinated by bonsai, and earlier in the year potted up a couple of tree seedlings to gave a go myself!


      1. Thanks for that tip, Brian 👍 It’s probably time I began training mine, I think – how long have you been growing yours?


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