Open Gardens and Flower Festival.

This bank holiday we joined in with 16 others in the village for the Open Gardens and Flower Festival.

Some of the tulips had gone over however the Camassia leichtlinii ‘Blue Heaven’ were just beginning to open.

Their true beauty can be really appreciated when photographed up close.

I created a short video of the garden during a quiet moment between visitors.

6 thoughts on “Open Gardens and Flower Festival.

  1. I hope the event was really successful, Brian, and that visitors were appreciative – and that the same can be said of the June openings. Around how many individual visitors would you have in your garden in a typical day? Your garden looks lovely – so tidy and colourful! The tool display is something new I think? Do you replant your tulips every year?


    1. Hi Cathy, we had around 100 visitors Each day the tool display has been there for four years I think, I just haven’t videoed them before. I do buy new tulips every year replanting those that look healthy sorting out their biggest bulbs. I have posted an article on the blog about perennial varieties of tulips.


      1. I was busy selling plants, talking to people when I had a chance. Irene and my brother was meeting and greeting on the patio. I think it is important to have people to do this, talk to visitors answering any questions they may have.


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