Mind the Gap!

I have been thinking for some time that the wooden bridge crossing the dry river in the Japanese garden would soon need replacing. It had developed a certain amount of spring when crossing!

It gave way the other day as I was crossing to the shelter, so the decision was made for me as to when I would replace it!

The path leading to it contains slabs set at the diamond so it was an easy choice to add two more as stepping stones, through the dry river bed, along with some more small cobbles.

These should not rot!

I can now carry my coffee/wine to the shelter without fear of spilling anything!

8 thoughts on “Mind the Gap!

  1. Nice job Brian. My Dad went on a plant hunting trip into the Mountains in Japan for several weeks with his Japanese Friend. When he came back he brought a pair of wooden getas those would keep your feet out of the water, but you may need to practice wearing them before carrying coffee. A pair on the edge of the verandah would look very authentic. I love this area of your garden.


  2. I like the idea of a bridge, but this solution is perhaps more practical. Your post did make me think about perhaps replacing the little bridge across our stream, which also met its demise a few years back…😉

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