Christmas Tree Festival.

I have written about the village of Pirton in Worcestershire before, every two years they hold a Christmas Tree Festival to help raise money for the church maintenance. The village of Pirton was originally part of the Croome Estate and is located one mile north of  Croome Park (now owned by the National Trust).

This year there were 26 Christmas trees individually decorated by local families. I have created a video of the festival set to seasonal music. Please select full screen on YouTube and enjoy.

Happy New Year.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Festival.

  1. Thanks for all your videos this year, Brian.
    Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year.


  2. Hi Brian….

    Really enjoyed the video, nice to see proper Xmas trees, not got any here in South Australia..hope to see you in the spring.. our favourite was Pictures in Purton….

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