St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve.

I have previously written about St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve being a favourite walk.

These pictures are from our visit yesterday.

Even a wet December day can provided some photo opportunities.

Photographs taken with a Canon EOS1100D with a Canon 18-200mm lens.

6 thoughts on “St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve.

  1. Those old men’s beards are marvellous at this time of the year and show up beautifully in the winter light. The odd rose hip still hanging around will soon hopefully provide food for birds. How is the bird song with you? Here we have several bird reserves around, but somehow not all birds know the boundaries, and in any case the starlings love to make their numerations all over the levels.


    1. We are still being serenaded by bird song in the garden on the warmer days. The starlings descend on the mealworms and gobble them up as soon as I put them out in the morning.


      1. I bought a separate Canon Macro lens for my bees. It was expensive but I do not regret it. A good lens helps a lot but it does not help with getting the correct view point and that is where I am weak.


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