Happy New Year.

Winter visited Our Garden@19 towards the end of 2020.

Flowering in the house and keeping warm is the Christmas Cactus.

Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera)

From the bathroom window we can see the snow-capped Malvern Hills.

Snow boot painted by the Grandchildren as a Christmas present.

A snowy video tour of the garden wishing you a Happy New Year please turn your sound on and select full screen.


Over the land freckled with snow half-thawed

The speculating rooks at their nests cawed

And saw from elm-tops, delicate as flower of grass,

What we below could not see, Winter pass.

EDWARD THOMAS (1878-1917)

Thank you for visiting Brimfields.com during 2020, hopefully, some of you may be able to visit the garden in person later this year if we are able to open for the village church funds in May.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

  1. A Happy New Year, Brian. A dusting of snow makes the garden a different place. We are cold here but no snow. Our internet is not good enough to enjoy the video though. Amelia


  2. Happy New Year Brian.
    Love the Christmas cactus. I’ve never seen one that colour, it’s gorgeous. And seasonally appropriate blooming too. I had a pink one for many years.. which always came out for Firework night!

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  3. I love the jazzy backing music in your recent videos Brian and it was a real treat to walk round your snowy garden from the comfort of my own warm home! My very best wisheds to you both for the 2021


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