The May Garden Video Tour.

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”.

While we did not have many April showers the May flowers have, like us, enjoyed the sunshine.

Please join me on a video tour of Our Garden@19 to see our May flowers. Turn up the volume, click on the link below and select full screen, play and enjoy.

19 thoughts on “The May Garden Video Tour.

  1. Iris pallida is still my favorite. I prefer it to any of the fancier bearded iris. Mine came from the garden of my great grandmother. Are Japanese wisteria more popular than Chinese wisteria? I got American wisteria where I wanted a docile vine. It works out very well, but the bloom is not impressive. The stout little trusses are like lavender bottlebrush bloom, rather than conical and pendulous. I intend to get another, as well as a white blooming cultivar, but would not compare them to Chinese or Japanese wisteria.

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  2. Your garden is looking superb with so much interest at the moment. The highlight for me is your beautiful white wisteria. Glorious. How big is your Japanese garden? You have managed to get a lovely tranquil feel there.
    We planted quite a few allium Purple Sensation a few years ago but as they have multiplied the colour has faded. I don’t notice the foliage so much in your garden butI find it quite untidy. I have decided this year to mark where they are and remove a few. I really enjoy your video tours. Thank you


    1. Alliums can smother other plants, Catherine. I thin out some of the many young one’s that come up each year. I will soon start to trim off some of the leaves to pop in some other plants ready to fill in the inevitable gaps.

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  3. i never realised how opulent your garden was from just your still shots! It is a marvel! I love the alliums, we had some but they have decreased over the years rather than increased. Our Iris on the other hand have increased. Kourosh has put them in places, like along walls where they tend to get covered with weeds and I do not think they look good like that. Any hints on placing iris and good sites for iris would be appreciated. Amelia


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