Tulip Video Tour.

Every year since 2011 our village church has held open gardens over this bank holiday weekend, we have taken part every year bar one. This year, along with all open gardens it has had to be cancelled. With the public unable to come to the garden, this weekend, I have produced a tulip video tour from Our Garden@19.

Please turn the sound up, select full screen on the video, click play and enjoy the tulip tour.


11 thoughts on “Tulip Video Tour.

  1. Very enjoyable tour again Brian. Thanks for the info about Darwin tulips being perennial. I am currently making my wishlist for next year and will bear that in mind. 😃 Thanks for sharing your lovely garden!


  2. Just visited your garden Brian via the Tulip tour – really lovely thank you, quite a tonic, you have some very special varieties. Pam P

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  3. I loved the photograph of the bumble on the Dicentra! The tulips are all beautiful but I found I could not choose a favourite from them. Your garden looks fantastic just now.
    Shame about the open day. Amelia

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  4. A most enjoyable tour Brian and how lovely to put a voice to the name. What a shame that that the gardens of Hanley Swan will not be able to open this spring.


    1. Thank you Anna, I think like a lot of open gardens there is a faint hope of perhaps doing something in the autumn, whether that will be feasible I am not too sure.



    Thanks for the tour of your garden the tulips are looking lovely. Could you tell me if when the irsises have finished blooming do you cut the stalks right back to the base, I took pieces off the original plant and they taken over 3 years to bloom, is this about right, or did I do something wrong

    Margaret Stanley


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