Winter Shapes and Silhouettes.

A winter tour, with the camera, around Our Garden@19 to capture some of the season’s shapes and silhouettes. This is an evergreen and topiary time of year, black and white pictures add to the wintery appearance.


Do you have a favourite winter shape in your garden?

11 thoughts on “Winter Shapes and Silhouettes.

  1. I love the corkscrew shape of Harry Lauder’s walking stick and the red and yellow twig dogwoods against the snow. I expect you’ll be seeing spring bulbs soon. We still have 2 months to go for that.

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  2. Lovely photographs. Shape is always important in the garden at any season but in winter even more so, especially if you are stuck inside with a cold/virus :(. At least I can still see my willows from the kitchen window. Amelia

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  3. Some fabulous shapes and colours there Brian. Winter certainly has much to recommend it! Why does the top photo remind of Christmas pud?

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