May Blooms.

The month of May has seen Our Garden@19 blessed with high temperatures by day, cool nights and thunderstorms.

The surviving flowers have put on a wonderful show.

Hopefully some of these will continue to flower for our NGS opening on June the 9th and 10th, to be joined by more still to come.

Please click on a picture to create a slide show.

How has your garden survived the May weather?

30 thoughts on “May Blooms.

      1. Cool! I have the same thing, but have not positively identified it yet. I have always known it as bearded iris. Some know it as grape pop iris. It has been around longer than anyone can remember. It came from my great grandmother’s garden.


      2. It is not that much more blue than the others. Those that are close to the others are not easily distinguished. They all look sort of blue. Even the variegated form, which I do not have here, looks about the same color, except of course for the variegated portions of the leaves.


  1. Looking good Brian. Your garden will delight your visitors for sure. I think if anything May has been better here than I’ve known it for many years. The hard winter maybe helped? Apart from the rabbits of course..


  2. Some beautiful blooms Brian. The wisteria is breathtaking. We’ve had similar weather but have escaped the thunderstorms. Hope that your open gardens are a success and that the weather gods behave next weekend.


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