Daffodil delights & Narcissus narcissism.

Narcissi are one of the delights of spring. Here are some that brightened the spring in Our garden@19, from the smallest

Narcissus ‘Tete a Tete’
Narcissus ‘Jetfire’.
Narcissus ‘Jumblie’

to the weird.

Narcissus ‘Rip van Winkle’

To the big and blowsy

Narcissus Pseudonarcissus subsp. obvallaris. The Tenby Daffodil.
Narcissus Pseudonarcissus subsp. obvallaris. The Tenby Daffodil.
IMG_3349 (1)
King Alfred.
Narcissus ‘Thalia’.

The next few pictures are of unknown varieties.


To seeing double. I don’t know where this one came from, it could have been among plants that came from my Great Aunt’s garden.IMG_3391

Version 2Narcissus admiring his reflection in a pool in a Hanley Swan garden.

Have you had some lovely narcissi to admire this spring?

27 thoughts on “Daffodil delights & Narcissus narcissism.

  1. A lovely collection. I tend to like the short, non-floppy narcissus like Tete-a-tete and Jetfire. Jumblie is a new one on me and I will definitely look out for it in the autumn.


  2. They are all lovely. You have quite a selection! Do you find that ‘Tete a Tete’ produce new bulbs very quickly? I find mine out grow their allotted space very quickly. Amelia


  3. Ours just started opening this last week. ‘Jetfire,’ ‘Ice Follies’ (your #2 unnamed, I believe) and various other trumpets. So nice to see them at last!


  4. Oh what beauties Brian. ‘Thalia’ still remains my all time favourite. Is the garden featuring the statue of ‘Narcissus’ one of the Hanley Swan Open Gardens?


    1. Thank you Anna, I have been really impressed with ‘Thalia’, it is still flowering now. That garden opens for the village church this weekend Anna, not for the NGS in June .


  5. It is nice to have some of the smaller ones as well as the big show-offs! I like Rip van Winkle and Tete a Tete a lot, but nothing beats a big clump of the taller ones. 🙂


  6. Yours sure are lasting late! ours are long gone.
    Thalia looks better in the gardens of others than it did in the catalogues. I like anything that white, but I thought they would have very small flowers.


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