Top Ten for March.

Weather lore says: “March, in like a lion out like a lamb.”

March is a month of transition, a much used word of late. In a gardening context I think emergence is a more suitable label. The garden and plants are emerging from winter into spring.

It was traditionally the month for planting spring crops, mainly spring barley, when the  March winds would help to dry out the soil as it was cultivated in preparation for the drill. Warm April showers would follow to help germinate the seed.

Joining in with Chloris at the Blooming Garden  and the other bloggers posting their top ten flowers of the month, I decided to post pictures of emerging flower buds and leaves,( There is a theme emerging here!)

These pictures were taken during the month – we haven’t recently had snow.

Forever the optimist, here are my ten ‘potential’ flowers to brighten the spring garden.


Tulip ‘Red Riding Hood’.
Allium Kartaviense
Fritillaria ‘William Rex’, already producing its distinctive smell!
Hyachinth ‘Blue Pearl’.
Camassia leichtlinii ‘Sacajawea’
Magnolia ‘Stella’
Paeonia Lactiflora ‘Duchesse de Nemours’.
Rhododendron Yakushimanum ‘Grumpy’
Even the Head Gardener emerges occasionally!

Please visit Chloris and see what she and all the other bloggers have posted as their Top Ten.

What is emerging in your garden?

23 thoughts on “Top Ten for March.

  1. What a good idea Brian. It is cheering to see so much promise in all these plump buds. Just a bit of sun and they’ll all be there. Thank you for joining in with your 10 favourites.


  2. Will be watching your top ten every month as I decide what to plant in my new garden as I’m desperately in need of inspiration. We’ve managed to get some spring drilling done this March but it’s just been so wet that we’re well behind.


  3. Love this time of the year…and what is the distinctive smell of the fritillary? Is it worth me stooping down to smell one? Might get my crouching in someone’s pic in the Palace Gardens….sure to be deleted!!!!


  4. Well I really enjoyed your potential flowers. They are moving towards star billing and will get there all too soon, but actually I am just as intrigued by the patterns that develop while they unfurl. Great post!


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