New Winter Visitor.

Today’s snow brought a new visitor to the garden, for this winter, the Pied Wagtail.

From the RSPB website:

“The pied wagtail, Motacilla alba, is a delightful small, long-tailed and rather sprightly black and white bird. When not standing and frantically wagging its tail up and down it can be seen dashing about over lawns or car parks in search of food.”
You can read more at the RSPB Website.


Pied Wagtail.
IMG_3247 (1)
Pied Wagtail.
IMG_3243 (1)
Enjoying dried meal worms.


With a Black Bird friend eyeing up the pear on the feeder.


Has the snow brought you any new winter visitors?

25 thoughts on “New Winter Visitor.

  1. Watch your car wing mirrors. A while back, in a previous house, we had a pair of pied wagtails. They sat on the car doors and pecked at their reflections in the mirrors! Enough to scratch the bodywork. I ended up having to tie bags over the mirrors every time I left the car.


  2. How wonderful – he looks like quite a darling little fellow! So good you were able to get some pictures while he was there. We’re getting the migrating birds through here now as they head north, and I saw an oriole this evening – the first I’ve seen since we moved here! 🙂 It gets very quiet here in the summer; birds wisely tend to go to milder climes for the hottest months…


  3. A little beauty Brian. We’ve certainly had a quite a number of birds visitors this winter but no new to the garden birds. I decided that spring has definitely arrived last week with the first appearance of the year of the ducks.


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