Tulip Time Plans 2017

Our village of Hanley Swan has for the last few years held an open gardens during the Early May Bank Holiday weekend. I usually plant tulips in the garden and pots to provide colour and interest during the weekend. This year it looks as if my plans are in jeopardy due to the early spring weather. These pictures show some of what might still be on display.

The pictures are in order of flowering.

This one came from my Great Aunties garden.


China Pink
IMG_2354 (1)
Queen of the Night

In the raised beds…

Flaming Spring Green.
Abu Hassan.

In the pots…

Prinses Irene.
Orange Emperor. New this year, it has three buds per stem.
Spring Green.


This year the tulips are two weeks earlier than previous years. I have moved some of the ones in pots into the shade to try and delay their flowering until the open weekend.

Version 2

Either side of the Summer House doors.

Red Riding Hood.

In the White Garden.

Tres Chic.

Version 2


In the Blue Border.




The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,         Robert Burns 1785.

What is affecting your plans this spring?

43 thoughts on “Tulip Time Plans 2017

  1. You have some delightful tulips Brian – I especially like the lily flowered ones like China Pink and Tres Chic, both of whch are new to me this year and opening out nicely now. I certainly wouldn’t expect any of mine to be flowering still in early June, not this year, anyway. What are you going to do to try and delay yours flowering? Nothing untoward affecting my own plans, not yet anyway, but we could probably do with some more rain!


    1. The tulips will be replaced with dahlias after the spring bank holiday, Monday 1st May,to give them time to settle in and flower ready for the June NGS opening.I have changed the description, on the blog, of the bank holiday Cathy.


  2. What a great collection you’ve got Brian! I really like Tres chic. And I also have Spring Green just about to open. I find the white ones appeal to me more and more. Luckily we have no plans that could be foiled here, but the cold snap over the next few days has called for emergency protection for some tender herbs planted out recently! I could wish you some cold weather to keep your tulips from all going over too soon, but I am sure there will be plenty to look at in your garden anyway! 🙂


  3. What a splendid collection, I like the composition of sugary pink ballade in the border against the lime euphorbia and punchy blue of the chairs. Moving the pots was a good idea, fingers crossed that shade and a cool snap will hold them back for your visitors.


  4. Queen of the Night is rather special. We have no tulips here apart from three that have mysteriously appeared in a bund of earth that was made in one of the fields. They add a splash of red, but look rather incongruous. Hope you manage to hold them all back because they’ll make a sensational show.
    I thought of you the other day as we were walking north of Worcester and came across a community orchard and I remembered you writing about the community orchard you’re involved with.


  5. What a beautiful collection of tulips. I hope some will last until your open day. I think I have some Spring Green or very similar which I am very fond of because they look so happy in so many different backgrounds. Amelia


  6. Your tulips look really beautiful Brian. We have the same problem when clients plan to open their gardens the first week of May. In the past we have tried leaving the planting until the end of January which helped. We also put all our pots under green shade material which held them back just enough. But this year we are struggling as it was so mild through march and now we have a drought. We found the double peony tulips were last to flower. And Queen of the night is still in bud here. Good luck with your opening events Brian. All the best. Karen


  7. I’m so pleased you posted these Brian. They are delightful….wish I was closer and could come and visit your garden. I’ll be planting bulbs in my new garden, and I think tulips will just be the ticket for that early display.


  8. Too bad I am coming by your post so late, but what a lovely one, Brian! Your photo of the peppermint stick tulip is probably the first to really make me want to grow it 🙂 Is it the clusiana type? If so, it has at least a fighting chance here, or so I understand. I love the glimpse from your white garden – most inspiring! Mine needs a deal of work… 😉 Best of luck with holding the tulips for that opening!


  9. Mindblowing Pictures. Great Work and Great Efforts i must say. As an Photographer i can understand that how much important it is to capture moments like these specially when it comes to nature. You have to be patient and calm all the time in order to capture perfect picture. I am also an Wildlife and Nature Photographer and you can have a look at my work at http://www.nitinkhanna.net and let me know how you find it. I would love to hear from Photographer like you.


  10. Oh what a fine display of tulips Brian. I hoped that you curbed their eagerness by placing them in the shade and that they didn’t go over before the open garden event.


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