19 thoughts on “Flower Power.

  1. Ooooh! Mouthwatering colours and super shapes. You remind me about some flowers I once grew but that didn’t survive many years (crown imperials, black tuips…)
    All the best 🙂


  2. Beautiful! It’s a miserable grey day outside and I am contemplating a morning in the company of my tax return – these photos have brightened up my day considerably. They have also reminded me that I haven’t planted any Trillium in my garden! Every year I think I will, then get put off by the cost. Perhaps I should see how the tax return goes….


    1. Oh tax returns! I bought the Trillium from a alpine plant sale for a very reasonable price. These type of plant sales are a good source of more unusual, reasonable priced plants.


  3. What a lovely portfolio of flower photos Brian. I love them all, but trilliums are a big favourite of mine. Unfortunately something digs them up and eats them whenever I try to grow them in my garden so I enjoyed your post all the more for that shot.


  4. That little taste of summer has done me a power of good, Brian, so thank you for that! So many gorgeous photos of gorgeous plants. What is that lovely dark red dahlia called, please? It looks so velvety!


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