New Year – New Blog.

Welcome to, thank you for visiting.

This is my new blog covering two interests in The Life of Brian, photography and gardening.100_2008

I recently started to develop a blog about my photography alongside my other blog Our Garden@19, which I first published two years ago. These two have now been merged into

The pages, Photography and Gardening, explain more about these interests and my level of “Expertise”.

Photography has always interested me (I think it was the lifestyle of Patrick Lichfield that appealed to me!) I begVersion 2an to develop my interest in visiting gardens as a member of the Black Pear Gardening Club and privately. These visits provide pictures I can use on the club website, my original blog Our Garden@19 and in my gardening presentations.
In this I have received great encouragement from the gardening club’s Webmaster, Douglas Gregor, who is an excellent wildlife photograph. Please visit his website Here


This is one of my favourite photographs, posted in Raindrops under Plant life.



I have always gardened to some extent. When growing up, my parents and Grandparents, who lived next door, both had a large traditional garden with vegetables, flowers, orchard, chickens and bees. From an early age my brother and I were given a small plot to look after and I still remember my pleasure when my nasturtiums, covered with flowers, spread every where.


My family are the most important feature in The Life of Brian. Irene and I have two daughters and two granddaughters. You can read more about them in the Garden page under The Garden Team.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

The birds that visit our garden provide an extra source of pleasure and if you are lucky a photographic opportunity. This is my favourite wildlife picture so far, posted in feeding time under wildlife.


I hope you enjoy reading please leave comments, one of the joys of blogging is the communication with fellow bloggers. I will reply as soon as I can.

20 thoughts on “New Year – New Blog.

  1. Hi Brian, your move to WordPress will make it easier for me to both read your blog and comment too. Your raindrops photo is really lovely, I can see why its one of your favourites.

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  2. Big decision to move/merge the blogs, but hope you have had a trouble free start on .I noticed you had an NGS logo on the side bar of @19 – how did you get that?


    1. It was Cathy, I have been working on the photography one for nearly a year, when I had time. I liked the appearance and reader side of WP, so took a deep breath and went for it! I copied and pasted the NGS logo from their website. I understand they are introducing new ones in February.

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  3. Brilliant! I hadn’t known this side of your character existed. Having had a quick look, I love your images of spider webs and bark. I am now following.
    I always did believe in a one-stop blog, as all a person’s interests are somehow related.
    Best of luck for 2017 🙂


  4. Lovely photos, I particularly love the woodpecker. Great to start the New Year with a newly designed blog. I am happy with WordPress apart from the fact that adverts may appear sometimes.


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