August Video Garden Tour.

Historically August has been viewed as a low period for the garden, due in part, I think, to owners of large estates traditionally moving to Scotland for the grouse season, today it is the main holiday season for everyone with school children. (Except for this year). High temperatures such as the ones we experienced early in the month this year can spell the end of some plants, such as my Sweetpeas.

It does not have to be so. There are a wide choice of plants to fill the borders in August, Phlox, Japanese anemone, roses, if you have deadheaded, dahlias, late sown annuals, pot plants such as pelargoniums, asters are just beginning to flower complimenting ornamental grasses for the late summer look.

The video is of Our Garden@19 filmed towards the end of the month and following the heavy rain and winds. Please select full screen and turn on your sound.

What has survived the August weather in your garden?

13 thoughts on “August Video Garden Tour.

  1. What has survived the August weather in my garden? Well, August is normally a good time for vegetables. They do much more than merely survive. However, since we needed to evacuate, the garden got quite dry. Squash continued to produce, but got overworked, so will take some time to start production again. Tomatoes, cucumber and beans likewise need some time to catch up for drying out;.

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  2. Thanks for the tour again Brian. It is so lovely to see a lush English garden full of vigorous plants, and amazing how your garden seems to have escaped the storms unscathed. It must be quite sheltered. Especially like the white garden and your lovely white phlox. 😃


  3. I always enjoy your tours, Brian, and as Cathy says, it looks really lush. Can I be a pain and ask you again about your editing – I know you told me before but I can’t find the relevant comment. How do you add your music and your titles? I have tinkered with some editing but still can’t work out the best format or the easiest way of doing it


      1. I use a Samsung mobile and have tinkered with FilmoraGo for editing but it is more advanced than I need and not especially user friendly. All I want is to be able to easily crop sections within or at the end, add a title and perhaps plant names the way you do, and perhaps add music. I have added music on YouTube itself one month, but I struggled to find suitable music that I could use, and found it hard to match it to the length of the video. I am still unsure whether to have a commentary, but I think it works well the way you do it, featuring some of the plant details. Also, most guides seem to be on YouTube and I would rather have it written down so I can work through it! Thanks for any help you can give, Brian.


      2. Yes Brian, and I am so sorry not to have responded – Grannie Thursdays have restarted and we have had some time at my Mum’s too, so other things have been neglected, including our NGS registration! Will be in touch

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  4. What an exuberant, lush garden! I hope in the winter you might take the time to go over some of your tips for planting. My plants tend to kill each other if I plant them too close – one covers the other. My tall plants fall on the others…Do I have a problem with supports? I love the bees on the dahlias! I have some dahlias that the bumbles love. Some struggle some of the years but their tubers keep them going. I have been starting to put more pots near where we sit – this is as a result of seeing your success with the pots. Whether I will murmur execrations under my breathe in the years to come remains to be seen. Amelia


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